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Questions for the Producer Rep



Will you help with festivals?


If you are applying to film festivals, it is very helpful to have a producer rep who knows the programmers. The rep can make sure that a programmer watches your film. Ask for examples of films that have played in the festivals. 


Can you negotiate a distribution agreement?


Some producer rep agencies use their in house legal counsel to provide legal guidance with regard to a distribution agreement. Some producer reps are attorneys. Some cannot help with your legal needs at all.


What is your commission or fee?


A typical percentage for selling a film is 10% of the revenue collected by the producer from the distribution of the film. Many producer rep companies, including the bigger agencies, now often charge upfront fees in addition to their commission. We believe this is an acceptable practice for the companies that we recommend. We would not recommend paying an upfront fee to the companies that did not make our list.  


Will you share your references?


Producer reps should have plenty of references to share readily.


Any extra help?


Will you help down the line if the distributor doesn't send me a royalty statement? What if no one wants my movie? Can you help with international sales agents? Can you help with furture projects?

Questions? Email us at

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